Education Services for International StudentsEducation Services

A good study abroad program consists of a number of education services. We introduce schools, agents and students to our network of business partners. These partners provide a wide array of services and products. Our partners work in a variety of fields. Whether you want to save money, plan a trip, or land a dream job, feel free to contact us. We will introduce you to the best international education service providers.

Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants are visa experts. They can tell people what visas they need to study or work in another country. They can also help people apply for visas. As well, Immigration consultants can help people immigrate from one country to another.

Immigration consultants are sometimes also referred to as migration consultants, migration agents, or immigration notaries. Some lawyers also specialize in immigration. They are usually called immigration lawyers, or immigration attorneys.

Travel Insurance

You can buy travel insurance to cover medical costs, lost luggage, and cancelled flights. In fact, good travel insurance can cover almost any unplanned expense that you can think of. It can be arranged for just one trip, or a number of trips in a certain time frame.

Travel insurance is offered by most schools, travel agents and education agents.

Student Banking

Special banking services are offered to students of many schools. Some banks help students open accounts before they travel. You can get most services, including: checking, money transfers, student loans, and safe deposit boxes. Ask your school if they have a special arrangement with a local bank.

Sightseeing and Social Activities

Schools that have international programs often offer social and sightseeing activities for students. By joining these outings, you can make new friends while getting to know your new city.

Some schools arrange all of their own activities. Other schools rely on outside companies that specialize in activities. Usually, these companies offer their activities to students from many schools.

Student Accommodation

International students can usually get help from their schools to find housing. Some schools have staff to manage student accommodation. Others work with companies that focus only on student housing. Also, accommodation is sometimes arranged by travel agents, education agents, and other specialists in education services.

International students live in all sorts of housing, including: shared apartments, private apartments, hotels, student residences, and homestays.

Services for Education Providers

We have partners that offer special education services, often at lower rates. These can be used by schools, colleges, travel agents, education agents, and other firms in the field of international education.

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