International Schools - University Professor in ClassroomInternational schools are the lifeblood of the global education field. We know that, and so do our agents. We work worldwide with tens of thousands of agents who can refer the right students to your school, college or university. We offer much more than just leads.  We can provide warm introductions to pre-qualified agents who want to meet you.

Student Recruitment

Our Business Development Consultants will help find customized opportunities for you to recruit students from your target demos. This will help you to quickly create a larger and more diverse flow of students. What’s best is that it won’t take a lot of time or money.

Why not pick up the phone to see how we can help? We would love to brainstorm with you, to see how we can work together to assist you, as well as your agents and students.

Special Services for International Schools and Students

We offer a number of ways to save money and improve services for international schools and students.

Credit Card and Wire Transfer Payment Processors

We have partnerships with payment processors. They offer very competitive service charges for wire transfers and credit card payments.

Student Travel Insurance Providers

Our travel insurance providers offer very good policies for students at below-market rates.

Student Accommodation

Whether students want to live in an apartment, student residence, or homestay, we can make the introduction to the right person. Our partners can make the best match at a competitive rate.

We only work with professionals. We carefully review and act on all of the feedback we receive from our students and schools. We only refer students to the homestays and student residences with the best reviews.

Student Activities

Of course, it’s important for students to study hard while overseas. To get to know the local language and culture, though, you need to get to know the people. That’s why we maintain relationships with local providers of social and leisure activities. We work with partners who provide the best activities at competitive rates.