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Australia to share performance data on agents 13:51 | 02 May 2017

Australia’s Department of Education and Training (DET) has announced a new initiative that will allow providers to view and compare data collected on agents, a move that the Department said would see the majority of agents recognised for their high standards and levels of service.

Since 2012, the department’s Provider Registration and International Management System (PRISMS) has enabled institutions to record the involvement of an agent in enrolling an international student.

DET said it was “reviewing the data and developing institution-based reports on the student enrolment outcomes achieved by the institutions’ agents, to assist institutions to assess the performance of their agents”.

Source: Australia to share performance data on agents – Study Travel News

Australian agents seem to have the right idea, but…

A few bad international education agents can be harmful in many ways.

If students receive bad advice, their visa applications might be rejected. They might also waste money on their schools, housing and travel.

Schools do not want to be associated with bad agents because they do not want their reputations to be harmed. Also, some unprofessional agents don’t pay the schools they refer students to.

Bad agents can cause problems for governments. They sometimes try to help people enter a country illegally by advising them to apply for visas as students or tourists.

It would be good for schools to share data about agents with each other, as well as the government of Australia. If done well, it would be good for the students, schools and government. It would also be a great way to enable the Australian government to recognize the best agents.

Schools, however, do not always cooperate with each other. It’s likely that people at some schools will not want to give their competitors details about their best agents. It will take some time to see how this affects Australia agents.

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